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Caring Staff

The reputation of any childcare facility is based squarely on the quality of their teachers. Grace Note continues to build on the strength and expertise of our highly trained staff.

The centre currently employs 11 teachers, with more than 80 per cent of our staff fully accredited as Early Childhood Educators. In addition, the childcare centre continues to offer long-term stability, with more than half of the teachers committing to more than five years of service.

Grace Note continues to develop a positive working environment for staff, through centre sponsored educational opportunities, staff outings and comprehensive employment packages.

Pink Room

Angela (Angie) Miller

Cynthia (Cindi) Smith - Director

Cindi Smith

Purple Room

Krystal Coombs

Krystal Coombs

Nan Young Moon ( Young )

Green Room

Melanie Smith

Jody Skinner
Jody Skinner

Yellow Room

Carly Hawkes

Song-Mi Jeon ( Mia )

Blue Room

Susan ( Sue ) Casey

Sue Casey

Hollie Cruise

Hollie Crouse


Assistant Teachers

Dawn David, Hailey Vidler, Annie Tucker, Erin Nolan, Laura Isenor.